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DIBA POLYMER Mfg. Company was established in 2005 as an independent PVC-based compounds manufacturing plant servicing the ever-growing local market in Iran. Making the best use of the founders’ experience in Wire & Cable industry since 1991 was the main reason of being emerged as a front line player in the field, spreading the products inside the market.
DIBA POLYEMR Co., by taking advantage of the latest technology along with a team of the best experts in the industry manages to maintain its quality while meeting the increasing customer demands. Moreover, with having variety of formulations, the company does not limit its excellence to manufacture for the Cable industry alone and succeed to play as one of the main suppliers in the Sealing industry (UPVC Window Profiles & Construction Joint Tapes) and Shrinkable Packaging Films as well.


DIBA POLYMER Company is dedicated to manufacture and deliver its products with the highest quality. Our effort for research and development using modern laboratory equipments are all under the care of industry’s best experts. Precise monitoring of raw materials is the first step of our Quality Control process. Continuous samplings followed by online tests are done constantly.
DIBA POLYMER’s quality, production process and specialized controlling steps, have earned national and international certificates from creditable authorized organizations helping us to retain our customer’s confidence on having trust in our brand.


Providing consulting services in production process and quality controls of the final product is among the after-sales services of this company, which will be answered as soon as possible as customer requests. The presence of the best experts in the customer’s factory in order to solve any quality & manufacturing issues along with planning a visit for customers to get acquainted with the quality control steps in the company's equipped laboratory is also included in services provided by Diba Polymer Company for the valued customers.

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